5 things we learn from true love

“Because without looking for you, I find you everywhere, especially when I close my eyes”

Julio Cortazar

Love is the feeling to which most words have been dedicated, but, probably, only the one who tasted it knows it. On the other hand, nobody wants a perfect love but a true love, in which precisely the defects can be understood with one’s own feelings. Laughing at the absentmindedness, planning crazy things that can have a price, collecting minutes while the other person gets ready …

Thus, it has occurred to us to ask ourselves what all those couples who seem to enjoy everything that unites them have in common and we have found the characteristics that we tell you below.

What would be the characteristics of a good relationship with a partner?

Being part of a good and authentic relationship allows you to learn countless healthy and beautiful things.  You feel part of a strong and indivisible team, you act differently than you do with other relationships. You are probably more understanding and capable of unconditionally accepting your partner.

Today we will talk about what  5 learnings we usually obtain when we have  a healthy  and good relationship for both people, in short, a positive relationship:

– You learn to trust your partnerThe basis of any type of relationship, and more so as a couple, is the trust we place in the other person and vice versa-  Love is born from trusting.

The best relationships start and are built on deep trust, designed as the solid support that the couple needs to be able to communicate in an open and sincere way. If you are living a relationship in which trust does not exist, I invite you to ask yourself this question: Why are you going to sustain your life on a person you do not trust? 

– You encourage growth and change for both.  When we have a good relationship,  both parties must encourage and promote growth and change for each other. We all have the right and the pleasure to discover, learn and improve as people. Your partner should be a help in your particular dreams and never an obstacle that is reproduced day by day.

In return, providing that support to the other person is necessary and precious. Encourage each other to explore, discover and learn new activities that allow you to continue growing and feeling life. That will remove the routine within your relationship and will nurture the love for each other, feeling unique emotional security.

– You learn that misunderstandings are inevitable.  Even enjoying a healthy and rewarding relationship at all levels, it is normal for each of us to perceive and understand everything in a particular way; It may be very similar to someone else’s, but it will always have its nuances.

It is natural for a couple to have misunderstandings. What is important in this case is to reflect before saying the first thing that  “comes to mind”  when we interpret the words in our own way, and then we realize that our partner wanted to say completely the opposite.

This is when we have to be humble and probably be able to acknowledge the mistake and let it go. If you are continually remembering the mistakes he/she made on other occasions,  you will only hurt the relationship and cause communication problems in the future.  Many times what we say is misinterpreted and we get frustrated by it. Do not despair.  Take a deep breath, take time and keep in mind that your partner will always have a different way of perceiving life than you, even in a very small way.

After all,  your partner is unique, that’s why you love him and you decided to share a little piece of your heart with her. Nothing you do will do with a negative background,  that’s for sure. Forgive misunderstandings whenever you can and don’t let them pass in time.

– You admit your weaknesses.  When we start a relationship and fall in love, we perceive and feel the other person as a superhero. But let’s face it. You and I both know it isn’t, nor should you pretend it was. We are unique and as human beings, we have the gift of making mistakes in order to learn.

It is good that you are sincere with yourself, you love yourself unconditionally and you do not care that those failures are seen in the relationship. To have a stable and serious relationship,  a good requirement is that the weaknesses are visible to both of you. This will allow your partner to be more sensitive to the things that bother you, being able to help you improve them if you are willing and learn where you need help.  Your inner bond will grow.

– You show your feelings.  To enjoy a true and healthy relationship,  the worst thing we can do is play with feelings. What does this mean? Your partner should always feel loved, respected, and wanted. Use the signs of affection for something more and in more circumstances than to reward an action of the other.

Even if one of the two gets angry or upset, keep in your heart that you love each other and that, at that moment, you are probably only demanding that affection that is missed. It is necessary that both of you know what you feel when you think it is necessary: in moments of tension, misunderstandings, or arguments. To do this,  take time to express your feelings so that your partner cannot misinterpret them.

As we always like to emphasize, when we talk about couple relationships, each one has its time, stage, and evolution. The learnings that we bring you here are the most common and the ones that many of us feel when we share true love.

Our learning is always improvable and can be developed with practically no limits. I encourage you to be aware of each of them with your partner and develop them. If you discover any other, we invite you to share it with all our readers!

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