Most Loyal Dog Breeds That Will Never Leave Your Side

Most Loyal Dog Breeds That Will Never Leave Your Side

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Dogs are our faithful friends. We look for company and fun in them, hence we can introduce them into our most intimate nucleus; For this reason, we like to choose faithful breeds, especially if we have children at home or elderly people with whom they can spend leisure time and entertainment.

If you want to know the friendliest and most affectionate dog breeds, we invite you to read some testimonials from their owners and, on the other hand, take a look at the list of faithful dog breeds in case you are thinking of having a pet.

We all have a beautiful story with our pet, but the one that starred the puppy Hachiko, one of the most faithful and beautiful dogs that appeared on the big screen, is universal. For ten years he was waiting for his owner at the Shibuya train station in Tokyo, or for Bobby, a small terrier, who guarded his master’s grave for 14 years in Edinburgh, which shows that he is one of the breeds of dogs ideal for children.

This unconditional love is what the American blogger Ree Drummond wants to convey to us. She recently shared a cute video on Instagram of her daily walk around the ranch with the dogs. She revealed a bit about one of the pups who is her bona fide ride-or-die: Lucy the Labrador retriever keeps close to Ree as she walks in the light of a beautiful Oklahoma sunset.

“The other dogs are several steps ahead, circling and running around,” Ree said on Instagram. “But Lucy never leaves my side”, being one of the most faithful and friendly dogs. To maintain a good grip on walks, it is essential to have one of the beautiful, very comfortable and cheap dog harnesses.

Actually, there are large and adorable dog breeds and also small ones. To put an end to the age-old debate, we’ve spoken to the American Kennel Club (AKC) to find out the most loyal and faithful dog breeds. “The most loyal dog breeds often go hand in hand with the best dogs for families,” says Brandi Hunter Munden, the club’s vice president of communications.

Which are the most faithful dogs anyway? Some examples are the Labrador Retriever, Bulldog, Beagle, Pug, German Shepherd, Setter, etc. Keep in mind that there are breeds of dogs to live in the city and other larger ones that require more field to run. This can influence their character so that they become the most faithful and affectionate dogs.

Children learn very important habits for their development when they have pets. Compassion, responsibility, unconditional love and teamwork are values ​​that they will always have if they know how to take care of their puppies. If your son is very active, walking and playing with his dog will be very beneficial for him, you can even make these DIY recycled toys together to have fun with your pets or keep him fashionable with the latest in original and elegant dog collars.

“Some dogs are more protective of their owners, but dogs show their devotion in different ways.” That means they are friendly with other people, but have a soft spot for their owners. Calm dog breeds have more stable bonds with humans—as guard dogs or ranch working dogs. These have a stronger bond with them, which is transmitted from generation to generation.

Obviously, there are exceptions, from more affectionate and calm dogs to more aggressive ones; For this reason, we have to know those breeds with which, precisely, you ensure a good behavior of the dog. And don’t let the size fool you: small dog breeds make loyal companions, too. So when you’re looking for a new furry friend, consider these most faithful, loyal, and affectionate dog breeds.

1. labrador retriever

There’s a reason Lucy is so loyal. “A great choice for families with young children or other dogs, Labradors get along with everyone and love their owners to the full,” says Brandi Hunter Munden. According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), they are the most popular first breed and have as much energy as loyalty.

2. golden retriever

Golden retrievers are probably at the top of the list when you think of friendly and devoted family dogs. Throughout history, these dogs have been known to be outgoing, powerful hunting companions with endless energy and loyalty.


Despite their sometimes rough appearance, bulldogs are a friendly, easy-going breed that make great company.
Who doesn’t like that soft face? They enter the group of the most popular lap dogs, despite their size of 15 kilos. There are leashes for small and medium dogs that adapt very well to them.


It is a breed of hound, a lifelong hunting dog, of medium or small size. Beagles are incredibly loyal, playful, and expressive pets.


Pugs “live to love and be loved in return,” making their bright eyes and expressive faces irresistible to pet lovers. Pugs are fantastic little family dogs and very adaptable too, happy to live almost anywhere as long as it’s with their favorite person.


You may recognize Rin Tin Tin from the TV series, but the original German Shepherds were bred to be the perfect working dog for their human companions. These intelligent, well-trained, and confident pups make great family dogs (great with kids!), and their loyalty is definitely to their humans above other breeds. For this reason, the German shepherd is an affectionate and loyal dog with which you will feel true devotion.


Another dog bred to help humans hunt, the Irish setter is very affectionate with its humans. Their outgoing and sweet nature makes them friendly, playing ball with young children and willing to please adults. In addition, they are especially famous for their soft, reddish fur.


Beneath the bearlike features and fluffy coat of the Newfoundland hides an extremely patient and devoted pup. Kindness is an understatement – they love to snuggle with families and
they are very nice. But don’t underestimate their size: they were originally bred to help fishermen haul in the nets and carry the wood.


Do you remember the character Lassie? In the story, this collie dog travels several kilometers to meet the boy he loves, which makes this breed famous for being playful, protective and affectionate with the children of the family. It is actually one of the most popular dog breeds.


It is a sheep or herding dog for cowboys. The puppies are beautiful and very easy to train. They are tireless companion dogs and remarkably intelligent, and when they have bonded with someone, their loyalty is unwavering.


Retrievers are often among the most loyal of dogs, and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are no exception. If he goes hunting with these dogs or participates in a similar activity, he will feel very close to you and will make a great outdoor companion. As befits their name, they love water.


This guy may look like a little monkey, but he’s actually a small toy breed dog. The Brussels Griffon is an alert animal, but they are wary of strangers, so they will stay by your side because they trust you a lot. Just keep in mind that they are not the best with very young children or with other dogs.


Majestic and vigilant guardians of families, the Great Pyrenees dogs usually exceed 45 kilos. They are generally described as honeyed but very protective despite their calm nature. They are dedicated to their humans and their safety and may do better with older children and adults.


It is a big dog, or rather gigantic, but extremely kind. Saint Bernards are known to be babysitter dogs because they are watchful and patient with children. They are quite open to strangers and other dogs, but are primarily committed to their humans.

15. Bernese Mountain Dog

One of the most intelligent dog breeds that actually has a protective and very affable spirit. He is considered affectionate and very respectful in his behavior. It is a nice dog to have in the city or in the country.

16. Yorkshire Terrier

One of the good dog breeds that has exemplary behavior and is very playful. It usually barks when it wants to attract attention, but it is also true that it really likes to go for walks with its owners and it becomes a good breed if you want to adopt a dog and your house is small.


One of the happiest and funniest dogs to go for a walk with and to play at home. He is affectionate and likes to be protected by his owners. It becomes a faithful animal that will always be by your side.


Families adore their little French bulldogs. They are lovely dogs and surprisingly they also make excellent watchdogs. Although they love to make new human friends, their loyalty will always come first with their owners. It is one of the prettiest small dog breeds to have in the city.


There is no doubt that the poodle is another of the most beautiful and friendly dogs. He is playful, he likes to go for a walk and has very good behavior at home; in fact, it is a very nice animal for children to play with.


One of the most unique and curious breeds of dogs, but one that has an endearing and pleasant character. It is silent and very tender, which is why it is a good dog that serves as a companion animal in the home.